A triple boarder is…

  • Interested in children and family health
  • Fascinated by the interactions among physical health, mental health, and community factors
  • Excited to learn from faculty trained in at least three different disciplines
  • Eager to take on the challenge of a combined residency program and lifelong learning
  • Committed to becoming the best physician s/he can be!

What is Triple Board/PPPP Training?

  • Triple Board residents spend 5 years in an integrated training program focused on pediatrics, general psychiatry, and child and adolescent psychiatry. At the end of the training, residents are board-eligible in all three disciplines.

  • Post Pediatric Portal Programs begin after pediatrics residency.  This post-residency program allows for integrated training in adult and child psychiatry for 3 years, and at the end of training, these residents are board eligible in all 3 disciplines as well.
  • Triple Board/PPPP graduates apply a developmentally informed, biopsychosocial approach to their work in health, illness, and prevention.

  • The training provides a foundation for excellence in clinical care, education, advocacy, public policy, and research.

  • Most importantly, Triple Board training transcends the traditional boundaries between pediatrics and psychiatry to allow graduates to optimize the medical care of children, adults, and families.